Dino Pac Mini Dog Harness & Backpack

The Dino Pac Mini is a dog harness and backpack all in one, this compact design allows you to comfortably walk your dog without having to carry around an inconvenient leash and bag at the same time. For pet owners who are willing to make their pets look stylish, the Dino Pac Mini is the perfect product. The Dino Pac mini has an adjustable chest strap for all shapes and sizes. With two leash attachment points, you can conveniently walk your pet in style.

Zeplyn (Weimairiner) is 55 lbs and wearing the Dino Pac Mini.

Miso (Golden Doodle) is 15 lbs and wearing the Dino Pac Mini.

Mylo (Pomeranian) is 8 lbs and wearing the Dino Pac Mini.

We Recommend this product to dogs 15-50 lbs. (All Dino Pac Minis are the same product we just wanted to show it on different size dogs)

Max diameter of arm straps are 26.5in. Max diameter of chest strap is 27in.
Min diameter of arm straps are 21in. Min diameter of chest strap is 22in.

*Tip to make chest strap tighter wrap buckle attachment strap around arm strap until desired length is met.


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The Dino Pac Mini is comes in a standard size of S/M and is suitable for dogs and cats ranging from 15-50 lbs.

Any animal smaller than that may need additional strap adjustments.

Miso- Mini Golden Doodle

18 lbs

Zeplyn- Weimariner

65 lbs

Mylo- Pomeranian

8 lbs

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