Our founder

Waag Bag is a woman-owned business ran by her and her two dogs.

Let's just start off by saying...

I just really LOVE my dogs

Hi I'm Brieona, and Waag bag has been my passion project... for a while. During the day I am an art director/graphic designer/puppy mom. My dogs ARE my life. I started Waag Bag because I struggled finding my dogs cute, functional accessories - that make a - I decieded to make them myself.


Our vision is to be the leading dog harness and walk wearbrand, seeking to give a voice/sense of personal style to pets and their owners around the world, through unique and innovative products pets will finally be able to express their personality. We want people to rethink the way they are currently buying pet products, and have fun with ours.

We are fun, bold, bright, and recognizable. We seek to connect with the community and want to have fun doing it. Waag Bag is a way for your pet to express their personality. A fusion of creativity, imagination and innovation. We want pets and their owners to have fun with our products. 

Waag Bag is creative and innovative, we express ourselves through our sense of style. We like to stand out from the crowd and break the norms of conventional products within the industry. We like to push limits, while still staying culturally relevant. 

How we waag

We're so excited to get to share our story with you, and hope you love our products just as much as we do! Don't forget to show us how you wagg by tagging #waagbag #inmywaagbag