I'm A Star Custom Name Dog Necklace

Make your pup feel like a star with our custom name dog necklace - the I'm A Star design. Personalize your pet's style with this fashionable and durable necklace, handcrafted with thin wire and handpicked beads.

Say goodbye to boring name tags and hello to a unique and stylish accessory for your furry friend. Shop now and give your pup the personalized style they deserve.

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The Dino Pac Mini is comes in a standard size of S/M and is suitable for dogs and cats ranging from 15-50 lbs.

Any animal smaller than that may need additional strap adjustments.

Miso- Mini Golden Doodle

18 lbs

Zeplyn- Weimariner

65 lbs

Mylo- Pomeranian

8 lbs

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